How Altia Control Tower Helps Your Logistics?



Better Experience For Your Client

Offer your clients transparent information about your shipments, anticipate incidents and solutions, communicate accurate arrival times (ETAs).

Reducing Your Logistics Costs

Reduce the volume of calls and e-mails of your team in transport management, optimize their time to resolve incidents, eliminate unnecessary paperwork and operations.

Planned VS Real More Adjusted

Accurate the planning of transports required for all deliveries, organize your resources more adequately, reduce extra costs due to exception management




Data Analytics For Your Entire Chain

Make decisions based on comprehensive and accurate information, knowing in a deep and intuitive way what is really in your transport movements.



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Sectors We Help To Transform


Consumer Goods

We know the distribution logistics of large multinationals that supply large supermarkets with numerous brands of hygiene, body care, drugstores, etc. Traceability of vehicles, merchandise, PoD and other functionalities to digitize your chain.

Retail Textile Industry

We help in the organization and control of the logistics of a world leader in textile retail, with distribution centers all over the world, and a tense transport chain that requires high precision in the ETAs, and the follow-up of incidences of a very heterogeneous fleet.

Do-It-Yourself & Constrution

The large building material distribution brands supply numerous stores throughout the country, connecting suppliers, distribution centers and points of sale on a single platform that digitizes planning and execution activities.


Food & Beberages

We manage the transports of large chains in this sector, controlling temperatures, times, door openings, goods, supports, etc. Optimal planning means a significant cost reduction, combining routes, destinations and other variations.


Modules That Improve Your Logistics


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Track & Trace

Real-time traceability of your transports. Via system integration and mobile app

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Goods T&T 

Fast scanning of barcodes or QR codes on pallets, boxes, packages with any mobile device

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Routes & Loadings

Automate the daily transport for the delivery of your orders and optimize their location on the truck

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Yard Management System

Automated dock organization to minimize resources and waiting times


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Business Intelligence

Aggregate and segmented analysis of times, kilometers, costs and other variables for decision making

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Access Control

Digitization of driver access to platforms and distribution centers. Paperless and agile

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Proof Of Delivery

Verification of the condition of delivered goods, easy and fast management of rejects, etc.

Portal de Clientes

Customer Portal

External access by customers (or suppliers) to access the status of their shipmentss

An Active Collaborative Network